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Following your exam at Moreland Medical, you will receive one bill from Radiology Waukesha for the radiologist’s review and interpretation of the images as well as for the technical performance of the exam. Follow instructions on your statement for electronic and physical payment.

Accepting all insurance plans

Moreland Medical Center offers state-of-the-art radiology services that range from routine X-rays to advanced imaging studies. We accept all insurance plans to help cover your costs and ensure you receive high-quality, affordable service.

Same day electronic reports for all tests

All imaging studies are accurately interpreted the same day by our radiologists and the results conveyed to your doctor as required. Your physician will receive all reports within 24 hours of the test. The participating physician may also immediately view all images from their office or home using our web-based PACs server.

Specialized radiologists

Our board-certified specialized radiologists have the expertise and training in the latest technology to offer truly personalized care tailored to accurately investigate and diagnose your medical condition.

Comprehensive Radiology Services

Moreland Medical Center offers comprehensive radiology services for all your healthcare needs. The imaging studies we offer include:

  • X-rays: X-rays are the most commonly used type of imaging study. A very small amount of radiation is used to produce images of structures within the body. X-rays help identify bone fractures, infection, or foreign bodies within soft tissues.
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  • Bone Density Scans: Also known as the DEXA scan, the bone density scan uses an enhanced form of X-ray technology to measure loss of bone mineral density. Bone density scans are often used to diagnose osteoporosis which is commonly seen in menopausal women.
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  • Ultrasound Imaging: Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to create images of the internal organs and other structures within the body. The procedure does not have any harmful effects as it does not involve the use of ionizing radiation. It is the preferred imaging study for evaluating pregnant women. Unexplained swellings or pain can also be investigated using ultrasound imaging.
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  • Computed Tomography Scan (CT): The computed tomography scan uses advanced technology to create cross-sectional images of the internal organs, bones, and other soft tissues. Three-dimensional images can also be created using CT scans. It is usually the method of choice for detection of different types of cancers. CT scanning can also be used to quickly identify internal bleeding in emergency cases.
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MRI services

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan (MRI): The MRI scan is an advanced type of imaging study that uses powerful magnetic fields and radio waves to create detailed, clear images to help your doctor identify disease conditions. It is a noninvasive procedure and does not involve the use of ionizing radiation.
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Low cost MRI

At Moreland Medical Center, we offer low-cost MRI services as a part of our endeavor to improve health and wellness in the community. We also accept all insurance plans to further reduce your financial burden.

Do I need an MRI?

The MRI is a very safe, noninvasive procedure that creates high-resolutions images of the internal structures of the body. They are particularly advantageous in detecting soft tissue abnormalities. Physicians order MRIs to examine the brain, spine, joints, pelvic region, abdomen, blood vessels, and other body parts.

How to prepare for an MRI

Unless otherwise instructed, you can eat normally and take your usual medications prior to the procedure. Your doctor must be informed about any metallic implants within your body. The strong magnetic field produced by the MRI can cause metal objects to move and create a health hazard. You will be asked to change into a gown before entering the MRI room and remove all metallic objects from your person including jewelry, dentures, underwire bras, etc. After this, you will be asked to lie down on a well-padded table that will gently slide you into the scanner. Most MRI procedures take about 15-45 minutes to be completed depending on the body part and type of MRI study needed.
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