Professional Care
with a Personal Touch...


Moreland Medical Center Imaging Services shares in the vested interest of care givers and patients. Our staff contributes to this mission with a personal touch and the necessary professionalism with every case. From routine X-rays to MRIs, CT scans, digital mammography, bone density and ultrasound, our Imaging Services department has the state of the art systems and professional, courteous staff trained to make your procedure as convenient, comfortable and pleasant as possible. We are accredited by the American College of Radiology and our Radiologists are Board Certified - assuring that your imaging procedure is being interpreted by an expert with accuracy. The technology used allows for seamless non-invasive testing with digital storage of all studies adding value to the patient care experience, allowing for healthy living and a healthy lifestyle.

Radiology deals with the use of ionizing and nonionizing radiations for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It is the study of images in the body.

Some of the radiology procedures include:

Bone Density


Computed Tomography Scan


Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan